Insights into the World of Work 
At Learning to Work, we have a whole host of activities, services and events that enrich the curriculum, engage and inform and bring the world of work alive for young people. 
These activities aim to enhance a variety of skills as well as provide you with knowledge on business practice. This will put you in good stead for the next chapter of your lives, be that further education or employment. Remember, every employee was once in your position, wondering how on earth they were ever going to have the right knowledge and skills for work! 

Just some of the activities we offer include 

Work Experience 
Enterprise Events 
Business Visits 
Apprenticeship Events 
Information, Advice & Guidance 
If you would like to do a Work Experience placement and your school/college is unable to offer this opportunity, we can arrange a private placement for you. For more information contact us. All of our activities aim to prepare you for the World of Work and help you make decisions about your next steps. 

The Decision Making Process 

Every student will have a different idea about what they want to do: perhaps you have a burning ambition already, or maybe you are undecided. 
Here are some links that may help you in your decision-making process: 

 How to donate to Learning to Work   

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