This business enterprise event held on the 26th November 2019 was for students to create a new App of their choice which would support their local community. Ensuring that they used the concept of solving problems and that information they used was relevant and accessible to all people in their target audience. 
Students worked together in teams of four/six to identify an area in their community that would most benefit from this app. Some examples on the day were to help issues such as homeless people, the elderly or a sustainability idea to help the environment. 
The students pitched their ideas to business volunteers on a Dragon’s Den, who then offered the students constructive criticism on how to improve their idea ready for the final presentation at the end of the day. This presentation was done in front of business volunteers, teachers and the students peers. At the end of the enterprise day the business volunteers picked a winning team. 
Gatsby Benchmarks met during this Enterprise Day: 
Learning from career & labour market information 
This Enterprise Day focus’ on an app that can make a difference within the community and therefore including Labour Market information is an important to this session to make students aware of local opportunities. 
Linking curriculum learning to careers 
The skills that the students learn during this Enterprise day including teamwork, problem solving and presenting are all transferable to subjects within their curriculum 
Encounters with employers & employees 
A range of business volunteers come along to mentor and aid the students during this event. 
Experiences of workplaces 
Students get the opportunity to first pitch their ideas to the business volunteers and then present their ideas to business volunteers ad to their peers. 
Business volunteers who joined us on the day: 
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