Following a virtual CV, Covering Letter and Matching Job Skills workshop for Year 10 back in July, Learning to Work was back on live delivery running a Mock Interview Day with 184 now Year 11 students at Langley Grammar School on Wednesday 6th October 2021.  
Having recruited 21 business volunteers from diverse organisations including Service Now, Reckitt, Peter Kelly Associates, Equinix, Three, BMC Software, U-Earth, Mews Developments and Yondr, our professionals gave up their time to interview the students and share feedback on a one to one basis. 
The impact and outcomes from students and business volunteers was captured in evaluation forms will be used to help them prepare for the World of Work. 
Interviewer Feedback: 
“It reminds me how wonderful the students are and how great the school is in supporting these students.” 
“To see how students ‘think’ and actually how nervous they are, even though this wasn’t ‘real’. One student said it was one of the best things he did.” 
“For me I have gained interviewing practice which is something I don’t have great experience in. The students were really impressive.” 
“Really impressed with the level of candidates. They were all of a high standard. I would recommend reviewing their CVs as most of them were significantly underselling themselves. Generally, a yes/no assessment on the cv is made within 10 seconds. I would think that some students would benefit from a repeat mock interview to assist their nerves in the future and take on the feedback. Overall, a well-rounded group of young adults with all of the foundations for a great career. Well done school 10/10.” 
“It was great to learn and understand more of what the students are learning and how we can attract future candidates.” 
“Insightful, good to engage with the younger generation. Impressively high calibre of students, all clearly prepared and took the session seriously. I hope it was of use to them.” 
Student Feedback: 
“Improved my interviewing skills and communication. Really enjoyable. Would do this again.” 
“Feels good to help them, I didn’t have this opportunity at this age. Very well organised – students obviously focused and the standard was high.” 
“Found it very enjoyable and informative. I am very impressed” 
“Thoroughly enjoyed it, very interesting and thought-provoking candidates.” 
“I found the students were very exam grade driven. Sometimes they forgot to sell their personality and life achievements.” 
“Always feel energised and excited at working with young people (especially girls in Tech) going into the workplace. Was really impressed by all the students today – a real credit to you and themselves” 
“Exposure to the quality of pupils and also good practice on coaching/mentoring” 
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