What happens when you have 20 Business Volunteers and 130 students in a room for an hour? 
A buzz and excitement plus a huge amount of shared information on interview techniques. We were thrilled to welcome a host of Graduates to Kendrick School in November 2021. The mix of global and local companies brought a wealth of knowledge about assessment centres, interview processes, techniques and speaking from personal experience about how they secured a role. Thanks to the students for their enthusiasm and willingness to actively participate at Kendrick School. Thanks goes to all the corporates involved:- 
As they championed both their brand and themselves it warranted great appreciation from the students. However, if you ever wonder what motives business volunteers? … 
“some good conversations and we discussed ways to tackle some of the more difficult interview scenarios!” VirginMediaO2 
“when I had career talks in school, they were always from people who had been in their role 20+ years and it was difficult to see how to get from A to B” Graduate Three 
“a pleasure to meet such enthusiastic and knowledgeable students” Thames Water 
“all very engaged and confident during the session which was really encouraging to see” VirginMediaO2 
“The school should be really proud of their students, they came across as intelligent, polite and were excellent ambassador “ Thames Water 
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